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Public Water Supply
It is the purpose of this program to protect water supplies to prevent water-borne disease or illnesses by providing technical assistance to the public in water treatment, well installation, and sampling.  This program addresses individual water supplies as well as water supplies that serve regulated facilities under Wayne County Health Center jurisdiction. 

Private Water Sample Test Kit Information

Private drinking water sample test kits may be picked up at the Wayne County Health Center at 115 Hickory/Hwy 67 North in Greenville on Monday through Friday during regular business hours.

Once the sample is obtained, it should be mailed using the enclosed information OR submitted back to the Wayne County Health Center on Monday through Thursday by 2pm of the same day the sample was collected.   This deadline MUST be met for our courier system to pick up the samples and deliver to the lab.  There is a $10.00 charge for this analysis, payable to the state lab after they return your results.

The Wayne County Health Center does collect samples for Bacterial Analysis of private Drinking Water for Foster Care Programs, and individuals under Special Circumstance Situations.

Public water districts and city water systems are regulated by the Department of Natural Resources.  Any complaints/concerns for these should be directed at the DNR district office at 573-840-9750.

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